I am a freelance fabricator for artists, theatre, fashion, retail, museums and events. I work across many materials and processes with a specialism in textiles and soft props, particularly large-scale and 3D.

Working closely with clients, I translate their creative ideas into high quality finished artworks and props.

fashion retail: bespoke chandeliers using Murano glass pieces

fashion retail: huge fabric peonies

artwork: hand stitched banner for statue

artwork: bespoke sails for giant ship-in-a-bottle

theatre: costume/ prop

artwork: life casting

fashion: hat fabrication

fashion museum: deconstructed garments for display

artwork replica: research and fabrication of tent and interior detail

artwork: fabrication from found objects, steel, aluminium, fibreglass

fashion retail: poly-carved, vinyl covered inflatables

artwork: life casting

fashion museum: Tyvek horse head cover

artwork: wire-wrapped and burnt furniture

theatre: costumes

artwork: CNC-cut plywood, galvanised metal lath, cotton pulp

artwork: fabric origami flowers

event: 3 person puppet of Royal Yacht Britannia for Queen's Patrons Parade

artwork replica: clay sculpting, moulding, fibreglass cast and finishing

artwork: large-scale soft sculpture

artwork: 9 metre, salt-filled submarine sewn from plastic sacking

fashion museum: poly-carve and Jesmonite curtain

artwork: clay sculpting, moulding, fibreglass cast, paint finish and gilded letters

artwork: arranging and fixing found objects in chromatic order

fashion retail: designer clothes into hats for window display

artwork: moulding and casting carbon fibre balloons. Fixing together, finishing and painting

theatre: horse puppet

artwork: 1.5 metre orchid sculpt for bronze

artwork: customising bike

retail: giant knitting wool